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     My name is Michael and I have a lot of stuff.  The problem is that I keep getting more stuff.  Lucky for me, I recycle; 275,000 pounds so far. (life goal of 100 tons reached)  What I present here and on eBay are just some of the gems I find.  I try my best to photograph (well) and document each items capabilities and features.  Any testing performed on an item will be documented in the listing.  I try my best to present only fully working items.  Once in a great while an item slips through. This is why all of my auctions have the following.

- - -Unit Covered Under my Return Policy.- - -

     This is not to absolve me of all responsibility; I subscribe to the Five Star Service Guarantee. I just want you to be aware that while I try my best, there is a miniscule percent chance the item may be bad. Less than 0.13% - or 5 items for over 3600 sold so far and all but one (blindsided) resulted in positive feedback all around.

     WEB RESEARCH When I mention web research I will google multiple part numbers; chip numbers, other part numbers. I will track items down via what they work with, like docks for notebooks.  I sometimes have to go through a whole line gathering data before I make determinations.  I try to review 20 plus websites gathering data on the items that I offer.  As always, my experience with the equipment is invaluable.  When it comes to books, I have about a 1000 book personal library heavy into sci-fi and knowledge (reference)

     I have 28 years experience with computers and electronics; and 13 years recycling.  You can BUY with confidence when dealing with ChippiesAvalanche.

     Below are several notes that can help explain many things. While I am not one of those guys that itemize every possible single solitary detail [grin]; I do ask a few common sense things.

     At auction end, please pay if you are inside the CONTINENTAL U.S.   If you live OUTSIDE the CONTINENTAL U.S. send me an email with any shipping requests.  Such as UPS over USPS, insurance? (recommend on $100 or higher items only)  Also please list your shipping address.

     I am not responsible for items once they are in postal hands - never had anything crunched, but a couple have gone astray. I highly recommend getting the delivery confirmation from USPS.

     For those of you who keep suggesting that I use the pre-printed, free priority mail boxes from usps; you are missing the concept.  I recycle.  I prefer NOT to create even more boxes.  Please see my page about shipping for more information on this subject.

Selling on Bonanzle since February 2009. since November 2006.
Supplementing my income with eBay since 2004.
I have been eBaying since January 2000.
Sold things at Computer Shows and Hamfests since 1999
A+ Certified Service Technician since August 1997 - verification# AD4DTT2245
ChippiesAvalanche has been doing business since 1996
Recycling electro-mechanical waste since 1992.
Playing with computers since 1979.
playing with electonics since 1977.
Alive since 1966.

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