"You ‘claim’ you help the planet, how have you really done that?"

     Well, I have done and DO it on a daily basis in many ways. I use Compact Fluorescent light bulbs in most light fixtures. I keep my house temperature set at the Federally recommended 68 Farenheight. I keep my Television, DVD Player and VCR on a power strip and turned off when not in use. I keep my Stereo equipment on a power strip and turned off when not in use.

     When driving, I accelerate slowly and don't make sudden stops. I have swapped out my old power hogging CRT monitor for a low energy LCD one. When I recycle and scrap out computer and electronic items, those items that don't get sold here or on eBay, end up being actually recycled by an approved recycling facility. You can see the results of those efforts below.

The best part is that not only did I make money from the recycling I even paid taxes on it.

Recycling - Types and Grades, Weights and Examples
Type Grade Total to Date Examples
Steel Baling Tin 189,997 Lbs. Computer Cases, Appliances, Misc Hardware, basically things made of Steel.
Steel Stainless 2,102 Lbs. Screws, Gears, used to minimize presense of magnetic fields.
Copper Number 1 375 Lbs. Thick copper, like household wiring, not smaller than 16 gauge.
Copper #1 Insulated 345 Lbs. As above but with insulation still on the wire.
Copper Number 2 573 Lbs. Thin or stranded copper, 17 gauge and smaller.
Copper #2 Insulated 19,269 Lbs. As above but with insulation still on the wire.
Copper Sheet 98 Lbs. Often used as grounding plates and EMI shielding.
Copper Content 21,614 Lbs. Transformers, Motors, Generators
Brass Yellow 1,311 Lbs. Plumbing fixtures, bushings, locks and some door handles
Brass Radiators 16 Lbs. Radiators, like in your car, and some cooling units.
Brass Scrap 60 Lbs. Small screws, nuts, bolts, power cord ends.
Aluminum Sheet 6,474 Lbs. Cases, back panels, Circuit Card mounting plates.
Aluminum Extruded 6,075 Lbs. Formed, tubes, mounting rails, commercial windows and door frames.
Aluminum 5086 250 Lbs. Formed, spacer rings, hard drive platters
Aluminum 6061 375 Lbs. Usually anodized solid aluminum blocks, black, green etc.
Aluminum Clips 192 Lbs. Small pieces and scraps of generic aluminum.
Aluminum Cast 6,117 Lbs. Aluminum poured into molds, motor casings, HDD chassis etc.
Aluminum Painted 94 Lbs. Sheet or Extruded aluminum with paint on it.
Aluminum Breakage 3,372 Lbs. Small motors, usually Cast Aluminum with other metals present.
Aluminum Cans 582 Lbs. Aluminum Cans, like Coke, Pepsi, Budweiser etc.
Gold Computer Boards 21,020 Lbs. Printed Circuit boards, such as mother boards.
Gold C. Boards High Dens. 203 Lbs. Printed Circuit boards, such as mother boards with high gold content.
Gold C. Boards Low Dens. 441 Lbs. Printed Circuit boards, such as mother boards with low gold content.
Gold Bios Chips 26 Lbs. CMOS and other Ceramic Chips with gold leads (internal and external).
Gold Cable Ends 1741 Lbs. Computer Cable ends, such as printer, serial, usb and others with gold pins.
Gold Fingers 22 Lbs. Computer board edge connectors, usually flat gold plated.
Batteries Lead Acid 7,344 Lbs. Sealed Lead Acid Batteries, like in your UPS or Battery Backup Unit.

Total Pounds 290,343 Lbs. Total weight kept from landfills, in pounds.
Total Tons 145.17 Dwt. Total weight kept from landfills, in Tons (deadweight).
Total F-150s 58.06 Trk. Equivalent weight in Ford F-150 Pickup Trucks (mine weighs 5,000 Lbs.).
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